Your top 4 Summer
Visit in Thailand

Your top 4 Summer Visit in Thailand

Although we’ve hit the end of summer in Thailand and the rainy season seems to have begun its grip on Bangkok, the temperature still reaches 32-degree Celsius every day. Cold drinks and air conditioning may only go so far in keeping you cool but nothing is as refreshing as an escape from Bangkok for a couple of days too! Here are our top picks to visit some awesome cool places in summer- where the temperature is a bit low!


  • Rayong: A lesser-known neighbor of Pattaya, Rayong, is close to the city, but far enough away to feel like an escape. It boasts a 100-km coastline along the eastern border of the Gulf of Thailand, stretching from just past Pattaya including the lovely island escape of Koh Samet.  Majorly a beach destination, Rayong has beautiful, quiet beaches and clear waters. Of course, there are the sea breeze, abundant opportunities to eat fresh seafood and to just relax and slow down the pace from the big city. There is even a fruit festival every year!



  • Surin: Located in Isaan (Northeast Thailand), Surin is a heaven on earth. The weather is pretty chilled there, at least not as much warmth as you have in Bangkok! Take a drive into a more laid-back, smaller town where you can enjoy the real Thai life. You can visit the Surin National Museum, the Save Elephants Foundation, San Luk Mung (City Pillar Shrine), and Phanom Sawi Forest Park as attractions, to name a few. You can also pay your respects at Wat Burapham also – which is in the center of Surin and widely known for its attractive architectural design that makes it the most beautiful temple in the province. Surin has a border with Cambodia, so it is a great opportunity for you to visit the Thai-Cambodian border market (Chong Chom Market) there.


white-temple-2818418_1280Wat Rong Khun- the famous white temple in Chiang Rai

  • Chiang Rai:  Chiang Rai is a lovely little town with gentle breezes near the Burmese and Laos border. The temperature is at least 7-10 degrees cooler than in Bangkok. Chiang Rai is famous for mountains, so if you love camping- this visit is a must. You can even stay in a house up in the mountains and you can take advantage of even cooler temperatures. Chiang Rai has some interesting museums, trekking, and the famous white temple- Wat Rong Khun. Chiang Rai gives you a chance to experience the North with possibly fewer crowds than hit Chiang Mai, it’s more famous neighbor.  There is also has a zip line across Singha park with a panoramic view of the vast Thai tea plantations. Exciting, isn’t it?


thai-people-1465615_1280A tribal lady in Mae Hong Son

  • Mae Hong Son: Known as the Land of Three Mists, as it is often shrouded by a mist during all three seasons of the year. It is one of the loveliest places in Thailand and also it is one of the coolest places. It takes around a three-hour drive from Chiang Mai to get there. Mainly known for its hill tribe people, it’s a favorite destination for those who would like to experience another side of Thailand. Westerners love to visit this town because of its great artistic view – It’s like a beautiful painting! It has a UNESCO declared world heritage site- Salween National Park – which is known for its scenic beauty by the Salween river.