No Plastic Bags
A New Year 2020 Promise To The World!

No Plastic Bags: A New Year 2020 Promise To The World!

The positive public response to the end of shopping malls, department and convenience stores distributing single-use plastic bags, as of January 1st, is a huge New Year’s gift to Thailand! 

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Thailand, and Bangkok for sure, are huge consumers of plastic bags, as the culture is so street-food & take-away friendly.  Every meal, snack & drink purchased has been traditionally accompanied by a plastic bag for portability. Drinks taken on trains need to be in bags, too, and this practice is well ingrained in  the consciousness of vendors and customers alike. But, alas, we need to consider the effect of all the discarded plastic. Finally the bans on plastic bags have begun to roll out and we are more than happy to support!

On all of our tours, we are doing our part to eliminate as much plastic and non-reusable containers as possible.  We also choose to eat in and not take our purchases to go, unless we provide reusable containers to do so! We are looking forward to more creative ways to help us green our tours and lives in Bangkok and Thailand in the coming months!  Stay tuned!

Khao Tom Mat Sai Kluai – Banana Sticky Rice



Plastic is affecting our world. Let’s NOT use it. A nice sculpture made from the collected single-use plastics waste from Chulalongkorn Universiry. #ThailandZeroWaste Credits: Mr. Jarut Wongkumjantra