See the Best of Thailand
Go Local

Why We Do What We Do

Visitors to Thailand will always be sad to leave.  An experience here, whether 24 hours or 2 weeks long is packed with amazing tastes, experiences and the occasional Thai massage!  So, how do you ensure you make the most of this amazing country and ensure that your time here is well spent at the best spots?   

Simply go local.

Tourist traps are everywhere, and they are fine.  They are easy, well-located and ready to serve up some great options for food, shopping and massages.  But often they lack authenticity, catering to what they THINK visitors will like, instead of giving the REAL deal.

One of the biggest reasons we do what we do at Taste of Thailand is to help visitors find that realness.  It’s not always easy to fly around the world and be comfortable enough (let alone knowledgeable enough!) to find the best local spots and tastes on your own. 

We pride ourselves on getting you onto the streets, leading you to the best tastes and experiences with our local guides, with great stories and surprises offered around each corner.  Everything tastes better when you know a local is taking you somewhere interesting, somewhere special. It’s like a great big hug from our culture to you!

We are here to be your guide.  Follow us down that small alley, along the grand boulevard in a Tuk Tuk, up the stairs to that grand view.  We promise to give you the real, authentic and true Thailand. This way, you don’t miss out on the best this country has to offer.