Thai Herbal Drinks
Roselle Juice

Thai Herbal Drinks: Roselle Juice

Nothing grabs you attention like a cold drink on a hot day in Thailand!  But when you get a glimpse of one of our favourite herbal drinks, Roselle Juice, it may just mesmerize you with it’s deep red hue, as well!

Roselle is a type of hibiscus plant, sometimes also known as rosella, karkade or sorrel and is commonly grown in tropical regions  of the world, especially the Carribean, India and Southeast Asia.

Known in Thai as Nam Krajeab ( น้ำกระเจี๊ยบ), this herbal drink is lightly sweet, a bit sour and very refreshing over ice!  Best of all, it has some great health benefits, as most Thai herbal drinks do. 

Roselle juice has a high vitamin C content, is a natural antioxidant & anti-inflammatory and has thirst-quenching & cooling properties. It is suggested by some studies that it may calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure, cure coughs, fight cancer and eliminate hangovers, too!

It does also have a laxative effect, so drink mindfully!

Our Taste of Thailand food and cultural tours often will stop by herbal drink shops as a way for our friends to try Roselle and other herbal drink specialties and drink like the locals! 


  • Emile Gippet says:

    Hello Taste of Thailand !
    Thank you for the article ! As I am currently studying different opportunities related to hibiscus sabdariffa and roselle juice’s production in particular, I am looking for information on roselle Thai production (and am struggling to find…).
    Would you know where I could find answers to the following questions:
    – Which are the main producing regions in Thailand ? What is their climate ?
    – What is the ideal climate for growing roselle ?
    – Why is Thailand so particular for roselle production ? What production & processing systems have Thai roselle producers developed ?
    – What is/are the harvest period(s) for roselle ? Can it be grown during the hole year or is there specific seasons ?
    – Which Thai companies are the main roselle producers ? How big are they (multiple little producers or few big producing companies) ?

    Many thanks in advance for helping me answer these questions, answers are gold for my future business !!

    Best regards,
    Emile Gippet

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