Where To Eat After Curfew

Where To Eat After Curfew

You would probably have had to have been asleep for the last two weeks to have missed that there has been bit of a shakeup in Thailand with the country now being governed by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), a junta of the military army.

The main question for visitors to Thailand has been whether it is still safe to visit. The short answer is, YES! Daily life in Bangkok remains virtually unaffected and the NCPO held this week the “Bring Happiness Back to Thais” event in which they sang, danced and performed for the public. Best of all for food adventures, our tours continue to safely eat our way through the backstreets of the city.

One minor detail, however, has been the issuance of a ‘curfew’. Initially the curfew was in effect from 10pm to 5am. That was then relaxed to midnight until 4am, and it has now been lifted completely in many main tourist areas. Despite the people and life on the streets of Bangkok well after midnight, technically Bangkok is still under curfew at the time of this post.

While many have suggested there is no issues breaking it and while we would never officially recommend that anyone try, you can see in Bangkok Post video below that street life continues. Here, we can serve up some late night suggestions of where you can still eat and enjoy your time in Thailand after the clock strikes 12.


If you are visiting Bangkok, then it is important to remember that a curfew just requires you to remain indoors and off the streets. It is likely your hotel will either have a 24 hour restaurant, or if not most will serve room service for 24 hours, which means you can stay out and enjoy drinks until you need to make like Cinderella and go home, and then still enjoy a late night snack.

Sukhmvit, Silom and Koh San Areas

For what our baht is worth however, we hear things are fairly relaxed in more common touristy areas. We are aware that some restaurants and quite a few street food stalls remain open after midnight around the Khao San Road, Silom, Sukhumvit Soi 11 and ThongLo areas. If you happen to still be in one of these areas after midnight – you will most likely not go hungry. If there is something Thai people are – it is resourceful – and there is always an means to an end.

“Open Until We Close”

While semantics are often open to interpretation, if a company is advertising they are currently “open until closed” you may wish to check them out. We can’t mention any particular establishment by name and we offer no guarantees that open until closed isn’t an amusing Thinglish translation that has nothing to do with the restaurant’s operating hours. Nevertheless, we suggest checking restaurant’s social media networks (i.e. Twitter/Facebook) for the most up-to-date information.

Afternoon Food Coma

If you prefer not to hunt the next food adventure after midnight, why not try eating so much during the day that you can only fathom the lightest of light dinners in the evening, if that. As mentioned before, we continue to run our taste adventures in historic neighborhoods that have not been affected by any government movements past or present.

A Night In

Bangkok is known for being such a party city, and we have to be honest, it does live up to its reputation. So much so that it is very easy to forget that one can actually stay in for a night…….and still party. Stock up on alcohol and snacks, meet your neighbors, bring your PJs, and the fun can continue long after midnight. We always find Twister to be a fun old school game to play on nights in.

Let us know your thoughts or recommendations on where to eat after ‘curfew’ and we hope to see some of you soon and share some delicious Thai food together!