What food should first-time visitors try?
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What food should first-time visitors try?

On my way to home from office, I asked one passer-by about what she thinks about foreigners traveling to Thailand and what foods foreigners must try when they are here!

What is your name?

My name is Pranee Pookaew.

Where are you from in Thailand?

I am from Surin province, but now I live Chachoengsao.


What is your profession?

I am an Accountant.

Do you live in Bangkok?

No, I am here to see my friend.

Which one is your favorite food?

Any Isaan food. But I specifically love to eat Som Tam.

There are so many foreign visitors to Thailand.  Do you want to make foreign friends?

Yes sure, but my English is not that good (smile).

If you could recommend (1) one Thai food foreigners must try in Thailand, what would it be?

Som Tam for sure!



Because Som Tam has many flavors. Foreigners maybe think it’s just papaya salad (which we call Som Tam Thai), but they should try Som Tam Poo Pla Ra (Som Tam with brined crabs and pickled fermented fish), Som Tam Paa, Som Tam Kraton, SomTam Pholamai (Som Tam with fruit!), even Som Tam Korat! Som Tam has so many varieties and so many tastes that foreigners will definitely fall in love with it! If they love to eat sweet and sour (and spicy!) (smile).


Thank you so much for your time, Khun Pranee!

Thank you ka

Hope to see you again!

See you ka