Vendor Spotlight:
Prachak Ped Yang

Vendor Spotlight: Prachak Ped Yang

Name: Khun Lek

Originally From: Bangkok

Favorite Food: Bamee (Egg Noodles)

For me, Bangkok is: Convenient

My Favorite Place in Bangkok: Tha Chang 

Main Quote: Make sure products meet my standard!

Prachak Ped Yang restaurant was started by Khun Lek’s great grandparents in 1909, who immigrated from South China, similar to many other families in the Bangrak neighborhood. The shop has been run generation to generation ever since. During the first two generations, the roasted duck was made solely with chinese spices and ingredients. The third generation, Khun Lek’s father, realized that the taste of duck was popular only for the Chinese. Besides, it was too oily and not healthy. Therefore, the roasted duck recipe was  modified to fit Thai taste. K.Lek, as the 4th generation running the restaurant, continues to improve the service and maintain the best taste and quality of food to carry on the tradition of this well-known establishment.

Originally, K. Lek’s grandparents ran their first business off of a street cart, selling not only duck but other foods as well, as part of the market. Once their business grew, they were able to move into a shophouse.  In the past, the building was owned by the Thai Prince, which he rented to local businesses.

The shop is officially open daily at 9.00 a.m. but the back kitchen is buzzing starting at 4.00 a.m. because the duck, sauce, rice, noodles and dumplings are all made fresh daily. The owner K.Lek makes sure that all ingredients are the best quality and taste delicious!