Vendor Spotlight:
Prachak Ped Yang (Roasted Duck)

Vendor Spotlight: Prachak Ped Yang (Roasted Duck)

Interview with Khun Panisa Mahasirimongkol, who has stepped up to take the lead from her dad, Sanguan Mahasirimongkol the owner of Prachak Ped Yang- a legendary institution famous for roasted duck. 


Sanguan Mahasirimongkol- who remains very much active at Prachak Ped Yang

– How long has Prachak Ped Yang been here?

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This shop opened in 1909, so it’s been 108 years. It was opened by my great grandfather.

In fact, the shop wasn’t always here; it had been in the market around this area at first as a food cart, being pushed around. They sold a variety of food not just roasted duck. Then, when he saved enough money, he rented a building and opened his first shop.

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– What is your most popular dish?

It’s roasted duck and wonton soup.


– What is special about your business?

The deliciousness! And the price, it is reasonable for all to enjoy.


– Do you have a secret recipe?

It’s not exactly a secret recipe, just making sure we use great quality products.

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-What is your favorite Thai food?

It’s Padthai, believe it or not!

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-What is your favorite place in Bangkok?

Khao Din (Dusit Zoo)