Vendor Spotlight
K.Naya Broccoli Revolution

Vendor Spotlight – K.Naya Broccoli Revolution

Vendor Details:

Name: Naya Ehrilich – Adam

Originally From:   Bangkok 

Favorite Food:   Isaan (Northeast Thailand) – papaya and mushroom salad with sticky rice

For me, Bangkok is: an exciting adventure 

Born and raised in Bangkok, Naya, the owner of Broccoli Revolution, has an insatiable hunger for travel and exploring places unknown. A world traveler, she spent nearly 11 years living abroad. The current restaurant follows Naya’s previous successes including the two renowned Monsoon Restaurant & Bars, one in Yangon, Myanmar, and the other in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A cancer scare caused Naya to make many changes to her personal lifestyle, and she returned to Bangkok to open a restaurant that focused less on business and more on education, community, and healthy living. 

Naya, who is living proof that food is medicine, says: “People underestimate the power of vegetables.That’s why we need a revolution.” At Broccoli Revolution vegetables are no longer relegated to the side lines but take center stage, shedding our misperception of them as dull and boring.  A portion of the profits from Broccoli Revolution is given back to the community and donated to nonprofits, such as the SATI Foundation, which provides medical training and equipment to rural areas of Thailand.

About the Place

The restaurant was designed to honor the original story of the building and many of the older elements and infrastructure are unchanged. The space reflects the food served in the restaurant – natural, unfiltered, with nothing to hide. Take a look around at some of the columns of the building and you will see old drill holes and other indications of its history. 

Naya grew up in the Sukhumvit area of the city, and so naturally gravitated to this area upon her return to Thailand.  The place was occupied by a bank for three decades before standing empty and abandoned for several years until Naya rescued it and turned it into Broccoli Revolution!