Vendor Spotlight - Giulio Saverino
About Eatery

Vendor Spotlight – Giulio Saverino : About Eatery

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Vendor Details

Name: Giulio Saverino

Originally From: Torino, Italy

Favorite Food: Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce

For me, Bangkok in one word is: Interesting

My Favorite Place in Bangkok is: The Riverside District

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Owner Giulio Saverino, a long-time expat in Bangkok opened About Eatery with the vision to provide high quality ingredients paired with a unique drink selection that would educate the consumer about the benefits of natural and organic food and drink. It took more than a year of careful location selection and two months of drastic renovation for About Eatery to be born. Giulio took time to research food and wine trends in Italy, France, and New Zealand before finally deciding on Bangkok as his new home. Giulio is a certified Sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) and an expert wine lover and educator.

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About the Place

About Eatery is a visually appealing space. The architect implemented owner Giulio’s vision to renovate the restaurant into an oasis that takes you out of the business of Bangkok’s streets.

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The casual rustic feel owes to the lack of commercial products. All offerings are hand selected and show on the chalkboard on the wall above the seating area. Decoration of the space includes the extensive selection of organic, biodynamic, natural wines, and craft beers.

You can find About Eatery along the route of our Best of Vegan Bangkok self-guided tour via the bitemojo app.