Vendor Spotlight:
Fish cakes (Thod man pla-graay)

Vendor Spotlight: Fish cakes (Thod man pla-graay)




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We had a chance to talk with Khun Wilai, Owner of Fish Cake business

What is your name?
– My name is Khun Wilai.

How long has the fish cake business been here?
– It has been 30 years!

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Please tell us little about your business?
– Catching featherback fish has been the profession of my husband’s family for long time. After I married him, I worked with his family. I myself really love cooking, and would love to add value to their business. Then I had an idea of making fish cakes. I have been making these fish cakes since then! We also have fresh featherback fish to be sold, fish balls, fish cake batter and fish cakes already fried.

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What make your fish cakes so well-known?
– Only high-quality ingredients are used. We use featherback fish from natural sources, not from farming. And also we make the curry paste ourselves with no food colors and no preservatives. Customers can be sure that it’s fresh, good quality and tasty.

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What is the secret of your business?
1. Being honest to customers.

2. I’m always glad and also proud when customers come back and compliment that the fish cakes here are delicious. And it inspires me keep going to do it the best I can!.

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What is your favorite food?
– Chili paste, vegetables and clear soup

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Where is your favorite place in Bangkok?
– Wat Prakaew and Wat Po.

What do you do in your free time?
– I love cooking. When I have free time, actually, I cook for my family, my staff  and also I give to my neighbors. To cook good food is my happiness.

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If you could travel anywhere in the world to try the food, where would you go?
– I would love to go Japan. There are so many foods that I want to try there. Honestly, Japanese have their own way to make their food delicately. And absolutely the landscape of the country is really beautiful.


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