Valentine's Day in

Valentine’s Day in Bangkok

Like many other international holidays, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by residents and tourists in Thailand.  Shopping malls and restaurants will offer special discounts; even the ice cream parlors offer special Valentine flavors! Bangkok turns pink with heart-shaped gifts, chocolates, red roses and gift cards found at shops everywhere. Even in the local 7-11’s get in on the holiday! It’s celebrated with many options to choose from, even if you are single, clubs and entertainment plazas host special Valentine DJ parties if you want to dance the night away. Taste of Thailand has some awesome ideas for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bangkok.

1. Dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River: You can hop aboard a lighted boat with delicious drinks and experience a candlelight dinner on the heart of Chao Phraya River. There are many cruises available so choose one with your partner’s interest in mind!

2. Explore a park the city and have a picnic: We recommend searching for Suan Luang Rama IX Park which is the largest green space inside Bangkok city! You can find lots of green open space and you will be overwhelmed by the blooms of colorful flowers on display. To learn more about this park please check our previous blog entry.


3. Food tour with Taste of Thailand: If you haven’t been on one of our food tours we have many to choose from. We offer 4 different types of tours in Bangkok city and also have one just North of Bangkok in Ayutthaya. The Village of Love Tour is great for new couples or partners looking to try a new experience this Valentine’s Day!


4. A romantic dinner: There are some well-decorated restaurants around Sukhumvit area. Many of them are expensive, but the good news is that they will be offering Valentine’s dinner promotions. Hotel and top restaurants usually offer these dining promotions. Get ready to spend more on this special day with your valentine!


5. Visit one of the many coffee shops: Anywhere you are likely to find yourself in Thailand you will find more coffee shops than you could visit in any given day. Thai people love to enjoy a coffee or tea anytime. Stop by your local java establishment to get a Latte that often comes with a special design on top.


6. Watching movies in Cineplex: You can take your Valentine’s date to any of the big shopping mall’s Cineplex movie theaters. In Bangkok, they have VIP experiences that offer much more private seating to watch the fliq than the standard stadium seating. There are ones that lay down and one even offers a bed in the theater for you to enjoy! They will bring you a drink and snack of your choosing off the menu, and the cost is already included in the price of the ticket. Enjoy an interesting movie together with a giant box of popcorn!


7. Traveling:  Traveling outside of Bangkok offers a whole different perspective on Thailand! You can visit beautiful islands with pristine beaches, northern hillsides with twisty roads or explore the rivers or parks around the country.