Try These Thai
Isaan Dishes Now

Try These Thai Isaan Dishes Now

Isaan is the largest of the 4 regions of Thailand and borders on two countries Cambodia and Lao. This region style of cuisine is gaining popularity worldwide. You may have heard of a few of these Isaan dishes and their crunchy or spicy flavor popularized byLarb (a meat salad) type dishes.Larb Ped (duck), Larb Moo (pork), NamtokNuea (pork strip salad), Namtok Gai (chicken strip salad) are all popular Isaan dishes.

How are Isaan foods different than typical Thai food?

Isaan foods are best eaten with Khao Niao (sticky rice), and a side of chili peppers sauce that adds a bit of a kick to the dishes. Khao Niao is eaten with your hands rather than a fork or chopsticks.


Khao Niao (sticky rice)


Raw Vegetables to eat with NamTok Gai (all edible)


SomTamBpooPla Ra (papaya salad with fermented fish sauce)



Namtok Gai (spicy chicken salad with toasted rice)



Gai Thod (Fried Chicken) with Thai Chili Dip Sauce- AroyMak! (very delicious)

Most of these dishes are delicious and extremely wallet friendly! Guess how much everyone here would be at your typical restaurant in Bangkok? Around 115 baht or under $4 USD for everything. It is so reasonable and yummy it is hard to not want to eat it every day.

I also ordered this Lemon tea to drink which is usually only available at roadside restaurants.