Travel with Kids in Bangkok
Fun For the Whole Family!

Travel with Kids in Bangkok: Fun For the Whole Family!

Honestly, so many people shy away from visiting Bangkok with kids, but they have no idea what they are missing!  Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s humid. Yes, there is traffic. But, Bangkok is actually a great place for kids! Besides activities, movies, parks, proximity to beautiful beaches, swimming pools and tons of shopping and grand sightseeing, the food is also top notch!

Thai food has such a variety of flavors, ingredients and spice levels (including NOT spicy), that there is surely a way to please even the pickiest of kids!  The parents can enjoy, too, by the way!

We often have families along on our tour. It’s not only a great way to bond and spend time together, there is so much more! You have a local foodie show you the best spots and tell great stories and share history that goes along with the foods you are tasting.  It’s like a museum trip, history lesson, food class and (very large) meal, all wrapped up in one great package – including exercise!

So in between those pool days, shopping trips and trips along the Chao Phraya river, why not fit in a food tour – fun for the whole family!

At Taste of Thailand we welcome children on all of our tours (some age and access restrictions apply) and encourage families to join and discuss their plans with us in advance so that we can deliver the best family experience for them!