Top Delicious Thai Sweets
to Buy at Thailand's 7-11

Top Delicious Thai Sweets to Buy at Thailand’s 7-11

In our last 7-11 episode, we wrote about the seven awesome snacks available in Thailand’s myriad 7-11 shops. Many of our blog readers liked it and that inspired us to continue our 7-11 saga to delve in and explore our local ‘seven’ to see what other treats we could find.

The best part, is that 7-11 items change rapidly and almost every month they introduce new products. During this trip, we picked our top Thai sweets.  Beware though, these are indeed very sweet as many Thai desserts tend to be, but they are so unique and worth a try!


Looktan Nai Nam Chuam (Sugar Palm in Syrup): If you have ever gone to a Thai restaurant and found Looktan Loy Kaew on the menu, then you will enjoy this similar sweet! This popular Thai dish is a refreshing mix Sugar Palm and syrup. It’s super sweet and, despite the sugar content, is a great pick-me-up during those hot days.

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Look Chit Woon Maphrao Nom Sod: This dessert/drink has Palm seeds (Look Chit) and young coconut in jelly, combined in sweetened milk. This treat is a good choice for coconut lovers! You can chew the jelly and drink the milk!


Sago Thua Dam Maphrao On (Sago with black bean): This take on the traditional Thai dessert showcases black beans with sago (tapioca). You can enjoy the sweet and smooth taste of the sago pearls in this one!


Black Sticky Rice with Taro in Coconut Milk: Sticky rice is always a favorite when it comes to  Thai desserts. If you like Khao Niew Dahm (Black sticky rice) and taro then you will definitely enjoy this combination in a creamy coconut milk.


Lod Chong in Coconut Milk: Don’t let the look of Lod chong scare you!  Despite looking like little green worms in coconut milk, it’s a delicious, fragrant and enjoyable Thai dessert. It has a lovely combination of bright green color, rich sugary flavor and coconut fragrance.  This one is best eaten cold – another refreshing hit from your 7-11!


Coconut Sweet Pudding: You may have noticed that a lot of Thai sweets are prepared with coconuts. It’s an essential ingredient in Thai sweets. Thais love it and for foreigners, it’s easy to adapt with the Thai desserts. Thai Coconut Sweet Pudding is a traditional Thai dessert and it’s well known for its salty and sweet flavor. It also has pandan flavor, if you notice the green beneath the coconut white cream.


Thai Milk Pudding (Original): This one tastes amazing! Fresh cow milk, pudding and melon- what else you need to make original Thai pudding? All these ingredients make a perfect combo of milk rich Thai pudding. You will like it.


Sago with Corn in Coconut Milk: Similar to the black beans one but here you will love the corn as a beans lover!