Top 5 Fun Facts
In Thailand

Top 5 Fun Facts in Thailand

Being a traveler in Thailand you may always wonder what are the fun facts or weird culture they do believe in? In this episode we would like to highlight five interesting and fun facts in Thailand!


1. The Land of….: Thailand is not only the Land of Smiles! There are 1,430 islands in Thailand (land of islands), 35,000 temples with great Buddhist architecture (land of temples) and nearly 67 million people. Each year around 6 million tourists visit the country and there are 11 million non-resident visitors (local and foreign) who visit Bangkok, the capital, each annum.


2. Venice of the East: Bangkok is called Venice of the East due to the many original buildings that were built on stilts over the Chao Phraya River as well as the many meandering canals that were a significant factor in Bangkok’s trading activities.


3. Spirit Houses: Spirit houses are common to find outside of Thai buildings. Gifts and offerings are presented to take care of the spirits so they don’t bother those living in close proximity.


4. Rice: Rice is a staple at all meals and considered as a national food of Thailand- including breakfast and dessert. Rice is so important that in Thai, when one says they are hungry, they say Hiu Khao the words literally translate to I want to eat rice.

5. Walking Fish: Thailand is home of a fish that can walk on land! It’s called Cryptotora thamicola, otherwise known as the blind, waterfall-climbing cavefish, uses its two front and two back fins to propel itself up waterfalls. It can only be founded in Mae Hong Son province (Northern Thailand).