Top 5 dishes
for the Rainy Season

Top 5 Dishes for the Rainy Season

Now that Songkran is over we have officially entered the rainy season in Thailand. In Bangkok and other areas, rain can be expected almost every day. As the weather starts to take a turn for the worse or you just need to pick up a meal on the way to your home/hotel you should try our Top 5 dishes for the rainy season.

1. Fried Chicken (Gai Tod): Thai style Fried chicken is widely available as a street food. We recommend a side of sticky rice (Khao Neeow), but some vendors will also have french fries as a side. Chicken wings can be found at many vendors or restaurants as they are popular in Thailand. To dip your wings in try the mixed sauce of sweet and chili. Certain vendors will also top the chicken with fried garlic which you can smell before you even see the shop!


2. SomTam Thai: When it’s raining SomTam is a great option to take home with you. Though some would say you should eat it when the weather is hot, remember this is Thailand where the weather is always warm even on a rainy day. There are so many options for SomTam where the sour and spicy flavors mix together seamlessly. Our favorite is the classic SomTam Thai. If you want it just a little bit spicy make sure to order it Pet Nit Noi. Follow us on social media for more SomTam varieties!



3. Thai Coconut Mushroom Soup (Thom Kha Hed): It’s a simple cream soup where mushroom broth and coconut milk is added. It is the vegetarian cousin of TomYum and adds a twist with the addition of coconut milk. Delicious Aroy Mak on a cool night!

tom kha hed

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4. TomYum Goong (Thai soup with shrimp): TomYum has been called be the best Thai dish because of its ability to mix the 5 flavor profiles into one dish. It will be Sweet, Sour, Salty. Creamy, and last but not least Spicy! All of this combines with fresh lemongrass for an aromatic smell that is one of a kind. If you want to cool it down a bit you can order a bowl of rice as a side.

tom yam goong

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5. Namtok Moo (Lao pork Salad): This spicy Lao-style meat salad is made of sliced grilled pork (Moo) or chicken (Gai) in a spicy and minty sauce. It comes with a side of greens like cabbage mint and shallots. You should have a side of sticky rice (Khao Neeow) to dip in the extra sauce.