The Top 5 Activities as
Winter is Coming in Thailand

The Top 5 Activities as Winter is Coming in Thailand

winter is coming

Winter is coming is the motto of House Stark in the HBO hit Game of Thrones. It’s become quite popular as a meme spreading throughout social media. As you may have guessed when you saw the weather forecast, Winter has finally arrived in Thailand! After the long and drawn out summer, Bangkokians and its visitors have been eagerly awaiting winter! While it’s not going to (Jon) snow here anytime soon, the lower temperature is a welcome reprieve. Generally speaking, the temperature will settle between 21°C and 31°C as Bangkok enters the “less hot” season. The end of the year is when the clear skies and cool breezes entice us to engage in more outside activities. High season in Thailand, when the majority of the 32.5 million annual tourists travel to the Land of Smiles, runs from November until February.

Here are our top 5 picks to celebrate this exhilarating  ‘cold’ weather:

  • Dinner under the Stars: A unique, intimate and memorable evening on a Bangkok rooftop while enjoying a 4-course meal with hand-crafted cocktails and beers, this event is a great option! You will have a chance to meet celebrity chef Autumn Maddox McTaggart who was an Iron chef Thailand winner. This limited time event allows you to enjoy great food, live music, and delicious drinks all while enjoying breathtaking views of the city at night. Come join Taste of Thailand’s Dinner under the Stars event which features Autumn Maddox McTaggart, an Iron Chef Thailand winner, former Executive Chef at The Gardens, and Courageous Kitchen. For even more information check out our Facebook page here.

22879465_10159361451840251_1302586194_oJoin us for an unforgettable night with a great cause.

  • Tea Tasting: Many people around the world enjoy having a cup of tea in the morning or afternoon. Bangkok is a mix of global influences and you can spend an afternoon getting to know just how many varieties of tea are popular in Thailand. You can explore multiple varieties of hot and cold teas, for example, Herbal, Chinese, English, Indian, and of course Thai. If you haven’t tried the creamy and colorful Thai iced tea or ChaNomYen is just the beginning of the offerings in Thailand.

pexels-photo-259955Whether you like it hot or cold try a tea during your visit.

  • Visit the Local Temples: There are more than 400 temples or Wats in Bangkok alone and feature beautiful architecture. You may travel to the most famous ones: Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Pho or you might see one while you are exploring the town stop for a quick visit. With the cool weather outside this offers a perfect opportunity to visit more than one temple on an afternoon walk or bike ride. Please note that if you would like to go inside you are required to wear long pants and shirts that cover your shoulders and don’t forget to take off your shoes before you cross the threshold.

1280px-Templo_Wat_Arun,_Bangkok,_Tailandia,_2013-08-22,_DD_37One of the most photographed temples, Wat Arun, Bangkok

  • Travel to the North: No we are not talking about Winterfell from Game of Thrones. Northern Thailand is really a popular destination all year long but, during these cooler days Chiang Mai can actually become quite cold as you ascend into the mountains. If you enjoy hiking you can visit Doi Inthanon or Phu Kradueng for a nice stroll and some places even offer camping in tents. Bring your sweaters when you visit the popular night bazaar in Chiang Mai’s Chang Klan Road. There will be lots of goods on sale that will help you stay warm along with a wide variety of craft goods and one of a kind art pieces to choose from.

Mountain Landscape North Thailand MountainsMountains in Northern Thailand are perfect for hiking!

Photo credits: maxpixel

  • Visit Suan Luang Rama IX Park: If you need an escape from the concrete as a local or a foreigner you are welcome to visit the largest green space inside Bangkok city! You can visit this park for cycling, jogging, playing a pickup game of Frisbee, cultural activities or for photography. It’s the flower blooming season and you will be overwhelmed by variety of colorful flowers on display. The best time to visit this park is from late November to early December. To learn more about this park please check our previous blog entry to get some more details.

img_7002Enjoy an escape to nature right in Bangkok.

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