The Mighty Mayong-chit
A Must Try Summer Fruit!

The Mighty Mayong-chit: A Must Try Summer Fruit!

In Thailand, certain fruits are available seasonally, such as durian, mangosteen, longan, lychee, and mango.  Thais look forward to savouring these delectable treats and often tend to go overboard, enjoying them to the maximum.  Mayong- chit, is no exception!  However, you will have to act quickly as it’s season lasts only a few weeks from around February – April each year.


This lesser-known fruit, is from the Maprang family and is sometimes called Marian plum, plum mango or Marian mango and is native to the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand region. This small, oval-shaped fruit, small enough to fit wholly within the palm of your hand, is green when young, but will turn a deep yellow-orange when ripe.


Mayong-chit is often compared to a mango, as the flesh of the fruit is quite similar in texture to a mango, however, the taste is quite different!  It is likened to a cross between mango and plum, with just a hint of sour flavor on the surface right under the skin which gives way to a sweet fruit beneath.  It’s a lovely combination of sweet and sour, which many look forward to eating each year! In fact, the entire fruit is edible, from skin to seed, however, the seed is quite bitter, so many will stay away.  Even the leaves are used cut up in salads or cooked.


It is not cheap by Thai standards, but definitely worth the splurge as it truly is a unique and lovely taste unlike other tropical fruits.


Mayong-chit fruit is also high in Vitamin C, fiber and water content – all reasons to make this great little fruit a part of your diet – while supplies last!