The Magical Benefits of

The Magical Benefits of Mangosteen


If Durian is the King of fruit, then Mangosteen is considered the Queen.  Mangosteen has a deep reddish-purple colored exterior when ripe and the inner flesh is white with a heavenly, juicy, sweet and slightly sour taste! Fruit lovers visiting  Thailand flock to try this amazing summer fruit found at most street and store vendors quite readily! Mangosteen is said to reduce the risk of cancer, inflammation, diabetes, and allergies. You will be happy to know that Mangosteen is also beneficial for keeping a healthy and fit body! It’s rich in essential nutrients and vitamins.


The pericarps (rind or peel) of Mangosteen contains xanthones – powerful antioxidants which fight pain, infections, allergies, and intestinal problems. It is also known to provide relief from stomach disorders such as diarrhea and dysentery.  


It even has antibacterial qualities!  Superfruit, indeed!


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Mangosteen is magical with its benefits, so do not forget to try Mangosteen while you are in Thailand. If not for your health, for the delicious, unique taste!