Thai Sauce Spotlight:
Nam Prik Kapi

Thai Sauce Spotlight: Nam Prik Kapi

Sauces and condiments are widely used in Thai cuisine. They add extra flavor and spice to all types of dishes from noodles to stir-fries after they are cooked and presented.

Today we are going to highlight, Nam Prik Kapi, which is actually more of a dip.  It is made with fermented shrimp paste, chilies, and lime juice.  It definitely has a strong smell, which should not deter you from trying this very popular dish.

It has a pinkish purple, almost-brown color and is a thicker sauce that is on the  salty side. It’s prepared with either heavily salted shrimp or krill, that have been dried in the sun. Then it’s moved into containers and left to ferment for months or even years!


Nam Prik Kapi is eaten along with boiled vegetables, such as: okra, Thai eggplant, long beans, mustard greens, cabbage, water morning glory, cauliflower and broccoli.


You just take little piece of vegetable and place it on top of your rice, dip your spoon into the nam prik and put the sauce onto the vegetables – then enjoy them together! Nam Prik Kapi is also eaten with fried Pla Too (mackerel), and an omelet stuffed with green vegetables.



Try it an you’ll be treating yourself to a very traditional and popular Thai meal!