Thai Grilled Bananas
Good Source of Calories

Thai Grilled Bananas: Good Source of Calories

Today I’d like to share with you another delicious Thai treat which is widely available around the streets in Bangkok and also a good source of potassium, vitamins and carbohydrates for fitness lovers! I am talking about grilled/baked bananas Kluay Tap (กล้วยทับ) or Kluay Ping (กล้วยปิ้ง) drizzled with a sweet coconut caramel sauce.  


Now, you may have passed by a cart grilling these treats and wondered if it was worth a try.  Seemingly boring and no frills, these little skewers are worth trying out!

This is the simplest recipe of cooking the bananas, which results in such wonderful flavor.  It’s a snack that can be found and eaten any time of the day and even doubles as a dessert, especially when covered in sweet sauce.


The sauce is made with coconut milk, cane sugar and oil or butter. It’s optional but worth a try! The sweet roasted bananas in Thailand are often made from Kluay Nam Wa, a variety of  bananas that are small and slightly pointed.


There are two methods to roast the bananas, first one is to roast the bananas keeping them whole and roast them until golden brown on the outside fully cooked on the inside. Another method is to cut the bananas in slices, skewer them up like chicken/pork satays and roast them over low heat until fully cooked.  The grilling brings out a smoky, sweet flavor with a caramelized outside!


It’s sliced and served in a plastic bag with the caramel sauce added into it. An additional stick will be provided to eat the smaller pieces of bananas.


Grilled bananas are a great fruity snack and you can grab a bag or a few and after that, I am pretty sure it will be added to your favorite Thai snacks list!