Surprise Bangkok:
Chalermla Park

Surprise Bangkok: Chalermla Park


So, last week, we took you to one of our favorite hidden spots, the canal walk near Hua Chang bridge (Saphan Hua Chang).  The graffiti writing there is fantastic! But guess what? There is another sister-spot right nearby which is also teaming with amazing graffiti artwork:  Chalermla Park.

chalerma park map


Renovated by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in 2015, this once-abandoned space is now a beautiful urban park, complete with benches, badminton court and tire swing! But it’s most visible and famous aspect are the extremely colorful graffiti covered walls of adjacent buildings, some in use, some mere remnants from the past.  It makes for a super interesting background for photographs or just for time spent sitting and enjoying a bit of park-in-the-city.




It’s also a great place to appreciate local and international artists’ work up close and every-once-in-a-while, they will completely repaint it all, so it’s a constantly changing scene, well-worth repeat visits!  In a city of concrete, traffic and pollution, Chalermla park is a breath of fresh air!