Is it good to
Eat spicy foods?

Is it good to eat spicy foods?

There are some common myths surrounding eating spicy foods, such as that they cause heartburn (which they don’t, though they may worsen it) or that they may give you ulcers. No need to listen to spicy myths, there’s a ton of research out there that points to spicy foods as having some great health benefits!  BN 24.09.18 BELLA_๑๘๐๙๒๕_0004

Here in Thailand, where eating spicy food is so common, you may wonder- how can Thais keep eating spicy foods without ill-effects? For one, they are used to it!  Our bodies are amazing at adapting. But, as well, not all spicy foods have bad side effects, there are even some health benefits!

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Studies have shown that spicy foods may increase longevity when eaten regularly. Spicy peppers are full of Vitamins A and C which can boost the immune system and potentially stave off the common cold!


Capsaicin (that heat inducing element in chili peppers) has been shown to increase your ability to burn calories!  It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties effects and has even been used as a topical pain killer!

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It is even said that some spice can act as an aphrodisiac, literally ‘turning up the spice’ in your life….

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So enough of spicy myths. Let’s think scientifically and enjoy eating spicy foods!