Soup Neua
Delicious Thai Beef Soup

Soup Neua: Delicious Thai Beef Soup

Looking for something different? Perhaps a tasty dish that will also warm you as the cool breezes have finally hit Thailand this winter?  Why not try a beautiful bowl of beef soup?

One of the amazing things about Thai food is the endless choice.  Besides the sheer number of Thai dishes out there, there is an amazing variety of each type of dish:  rice dishes, noodles, soups.  Just think of how many different types of soup are out there?  Multiple versions of the popular Tom Yum, different ways to order the soup along with your noodles and don’t get us started on salad varieties!  Even the popular beef soup has many different iterations based on geography and the background of the people who cook it.


Thai Beef Noodle Soup

The Thai Beef Soup that we discuss today, also known by the locals as Soup Neua, is a southern Thai-Muslim soup style that consists of beef boiled until tender and combined with loads of chilies, cherry tomatoes, fried shallot, onion, salt, lime juice, and garnished with onions.  The beauty is also in the aromatic spices reminiscent of Middle Eastern or South Asian cuisine that mix with traditional Thai flavors.  It really sets this dish apart!


Thai Beef Soup

Skin-on oxtails are the best and the most commonly used meat for this soup. It is similar to other Thai spicy soups as it has a strong lime flavor and is spicy hot. One of the key ingredients is crispy shallots, which you may not find in other styles of Soup Nuea. The broth is really flavorful and meat is super tender as the soup is cooked on slow flames for hours.



It is recommended to enjoy Soup Nuea with Thai biriyani (yellow rice). Give it a try to warm you up and put you in food heaven!