Solo Travel Hack:
Self-Guided Tours

Solo Travel Hack: Self-Guided Tours

People often ask, is Bangkok safe for solo travelers? We’d say an overwhelming, yes! As long as you have your wits about you and now how to travel safely, Bangkok is an easy city to enjoy solo. The people are so friendly and helpful and really do enjoy talking to visitors. Public transportation is readily available and motorcycles and taxis can get you around the city relatively cheaply. Even at night, there are plenty of options for those who prefer to go it alone!

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But what if you are the shy type? Not sure how to order food? Where to go? Afraid to go to new places alone? No worries! You can still go solo and enjoy the city to its fullest!


One of our favorite things about going on small-group tours is that it gives solo travellers a chance to experience local culture easily AND meet new people! However, we do know that groups are not for everyone. So, what if you are solo and like it that way? Our newest experiences have now got you covered.


We are excited to introduce our newest self-guided walking food tours via the bitemojo app! Now culture, food and your city guide are all readily available on your mobile phone! These new tours will take you through neighborhoods in Bangkok tasting our hand-selected bites at some of the best restaurants and street vendors in the city.


This is a great hack for solo travelers to really experience local life, cuisine and culture, without the fear of being alone. You simply download the app, purchase the tour and take off on an adventure at your-own-pace!


We now have two options:

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The Best of Vegan Bangkok, catering to those who eat vegan regularly and anyone who wants to experience a series of great little bites throughout the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok from Thong Lor to Asok. All bites are great for all diet types and everyone should try it. The selections we’ve chosen are so tasty, you won’t believe they are Vegan!

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Our second, and newest tour, is the Bangkok for Food Lovers adventure in the Bangrak neighborhood of old Bangkok. This is a purely Thai food tour with a range of tasty delicacies ranging from tropical fruit to roast duck to mango and sticky rice. You will love the local vibe of Bangrak and surely enjoy the tastes and people you find there!

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And a little secret…these self-guided tours work in groups, too:) Just select the number of people in your group and you and your close group of friends, family or newly-made travel buddies can have your own little adventure!

Happy travels!