Roti Bai Toey
Khun Duen Pen

Roti Bai Toey Khun Duen Pen

You’ve seen her in our latest video and photos, that lovely lady who shares her delicious roti with our guests on the Village of Love tour in Bangrak at night!  She is Khun Duen Pen, working hard each night preparing delicious treats for our guests.  

Roti is typically made of wheat flour, water, salt and butter. In Thailand, you can find Roti everywhere, from street vendors to luxury restaurants. It is originally from the South of the country where it is often served alongside curry, especially for breakfast. But in Bangkok, it is more of a snack. 

However, Khun Duen Pen’s Roti is quite uniquely Thai because the dough she uses has Pandan in it, or in Thai, “Bai Toey”. Pandan is a plant that has a fragrant leaf and is heavily used to flavour Thai desserts. On our tours, we choose the most popular fillings: banana, egg and condensed milk. 

Recently, our favorite roti vendor even partnered up with some local food celebrities, in a street food cart takeover, to cook up her lovely roti alongside some very special curry! 

If you would like to meet K. Duen, and try her lovely, fragrant pandan roti, come along on tour with us in the Village of Love at night and you’ll get your chance!