Pak KhlongTalat
A hidden gem that is always open

Pak KhlongTalat: A hidden gem that is always open

The best spot in Thailand to find Flowers from all around the world.

Flowers are considered sacred and they play an important role in weddings and religious ceremonies in Thailand. The tropical nature of the country allows the flowers to be as diverse as they are beautiful.  There are many types of flowers that grow in the various regions of Thailand, and a large portion of them can be found at the world famous Pak KhlongTalat market. This market features all kinds of seasonal flowers throughout the year and is one of the few markets that stay open 24 hours a day! The diverse options include a multitude of orchids with almost any color combination you would dream up, roses from the northern region, forget me not, lilies, jasmine, and even tulips from Europe! This airy, bustling market is not limited to just flowers, but also has a large offering of fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-eat food dishes. The market is located just south of Wat Pho and you can access it easily from either the SaphanPhut or Rajini river piers.This makes it a great stop even if you only have one-day to enjoy Bangkok. If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the market try visiting Phahurat- also known as Thailand’s Little India, which is not far from Pak KhongTalat. If you come during the daytime the market is less crowded, but if you have the chance to come back around midnight behind the scenes action of the business deals will come alive. Since the vendors are open 24 hours a day the fresh flowers are still available for purchase during that time and you will have the best variety to choose from as you make your way down the busy street.

pak khong talad map

Recently the guide for Taste of Thailand Food Tours, Khun Joker, has captured some stunning shots of the atmosphere of Pak KhlongTalat market. Make sure to mark this one down on your “must see list” next time you are in Thailand and behold this beautiful market filled with great photo opportunities and fragrant floral aromas.

flower_bangkok (1)

Local flower vendor at pak khong talat

flower_bangkok (2)

Some of the exotic and colorful flowers in the market.

flower_bangkok (3)

Food tourists visit the local flower market in Jakkrapet road.

flower_bangkok (5)

Local Marigolds sold with recycled packaging.

flower_bangkok (6)

Red, yellow, violet or pink- which one is your favorite?

flower_bangkok (8)

Different types of roses waiting for the right home. The queen of all flowers!

flower_bangkok (9)

Phuang Malai- traditional Thai flower necklace used in marriage or religious ceremonies


These violet flowers are so beautiful!


This past month during the anniversary of the late King Bhumibol thousands of people came to pay tribute and created dozens of displays in his honor.


People flocked from around the country all wearing black out of respect to work together to assemble large displays.