Pa Thong Ko
Very popular Thai deep-fried dough

Pa Thong Ko

Pa Thong Ko is a very popular Thai deep-fried dough or Thai-style Chinese cruller, generally made by street vendors. Pa Thong ko actually originated from Chinese cuisine, called Teochew. Originally, this snack was called Yau Cha Guay but due to a bit of confusion of the Thai people with another kind of Chinese dessert and mispronunciation, Thais call both kind of desserts, Pa Thong Ko.  The name stuck and now it has become a daily standard in the local street food culture.


Thai people like to enjoy this fried treat in the morning or evening with a hot bowl of joke (Chinese congee.) or with tea, coffee or soy milk. Pa Thong Ko is also considered a sweet snack when dipped in sweetened condensed milk or a Pandan / Thai tea custard called Sangkaya.


It’s also super fun just to watch it being made along the street.  Pa Thong Ko vendors have gotten it down to a science:  the dough, the cutting and the specific way they stir the dough in the oil with long chopsticks.  You should surely taste this snack from more than one vendor, as each has its own special flavor, some sweet, some savory and even some incorporating sesame seeds!



If you don’t Pa Thong Ko along the street on your daily walk through BKK, we can show you a great spot on our Chinatown Evening Food Crawl!