Northeast Flavour:
Surin Prasat Market

Northeast Flavour: Surin Prasat Market

Once in awhile, we are able to escape the big city of Bangkok, and often our social media intern, Riz, will head to Surin province, in the southern part of Northeast Thailand to visit friends and family.  Life is slower and it’s nice to see a bit of the real Thai life happening outside the big metropolis. Prasat is a district (Amphoe in Thai) of Surin province.  It has a large morning market located near the bus stop, which opens early morning everyday. This week, take a walk with us through the market in our photo blog!

36338155_1618085138317247_7596122379961499648_nLarge gathering of vegetable sellers


36370389_1618085198317241_8821357205254045696_nFresh seafood: barbecue anyone?


36378378_1618084994983928_6593069197893304320_n (1)Perfect specimens ready to be made into a delicious Pad Pak (Stir Fried Vegetables)


36462362_1618085091650585_268643568640327680_nLocal fruit: Longan, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Orange…and so much more!


36531913_1618084894983938_8369646544021880832_nGrilled meat and chicken liver – so many choices!


36497889_1618085151650579_2114652398298333184_nOne of our favorite Thai snacks- Khanom Khrok. Mouth-watering!




36449084_1618085164983911_4839319040302252032_nLocally raised chicken.