Mother's Day
In Thailand

Mother’s Day in Thailand

Mother’s Day is a highly special occasion celebrated across the globe for honoring mothers and their love for their children. In Thailand Mother’s Day is celebrated on , August 12th,  Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday. It’s a national holiday in Thailand.

A giving to monks forms a meaningful part of the traditional Mother’s Day celebrations. Early in the morning, ceremonies are held to give offerings of food to Thailand’s saffron-robed Buddhist monks. Schools in Thailand typically host a Mother’s Day ceremony. On the special day, mothers come to their child’s school and each child kneels at his or her mother’s feet, paying respect to mom for all that she has done for them. It’s very common to see mothers wiping tears from their eyes and many children doing the same in this joyous and proud moment. Young children create their own handmade card to gift their mothers.


Children also give their mother a special gift or take mom out for a special meal. Some restaurants have special promotions on this national holiday so that children can enjoy their happy times with their mothers.

A traditional Mother’s Day gift in Thailand is jasmine- a flower that resembles motherhood. Called dok mali in Thai (ดอกมะลJasmine is used in worship and is also seen as symbol of purity and gentleness, this delicate white flower is imbued with a sweet perfumed fragrance.