Vendor Spotlight:
Khun Tai- Miang Kham Vendor

Vendor Spotlight: Khun Tai- Miang Kham Vendor

Vendor Details

Name: Hatairat Rungrotchokdee (Tai)

Originally From: Kampaeng Phet

Favorite Food: Somtum

For me, Bangkok is: Crowded

My Favorite Place in Bangkok: Bangrak Neighborhood

Main Quote: My aim is to offer simple, fresh and healthy food.

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Khun Tai grew up in a family of foodies, of which her grandmother was the head chef with a passion for cooking and creating new recipes. She passed on this knowledge, including the Miang Kham recipe,  to her descendants. When she moved to Bangkok, she noticed that much of the street food was unhealthy and she rarely saw Miang Kham available. So, she decided to make and share this amazing Thai herbal snack to satisfy people who wanted to eat healthy, but on a budget.

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About the Place:

Street vendors make up a large part of Thai daily life.  Khun Hatairat creates these amazing traditional Miang Kham bites from a tiny table on the sidewalk in front of a pharmacy on Charoenkrung Road. All the elements and ingredients needed to make her wraps are laid out on the table, organized perfectly for her to be able to whip up her creations with ease.

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