Lesser Known Fruits:
Noina, Sala, La mut

Lesser Known Fruits: Noina, Sala, La mut

Durian is often #1 on the list of strange fruits to try when visiting Thailand. In our previous blog posts, we’ve written about it and also other well-known fruits like Mangosteen and Mayongchit but today let’s focus more on fruits that you may never heard of!

  • Noina (Custard apple): Noina or Custard Apple is available in Asia (Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal etc.) and is also known as sugar apple. It looks like a tennis ball with pale green color and it has a bumpy skin. It has juicy, somewhat mushy white flesh inside and tastes very sweet when eaten. There are many small black seeds which you do not eat. It does have a bit of a strong smell.  That and the custard-y look and can tend to turn some off, but just like Durian it could be your next favorite fruit in Thailand!


  • Sala (Snake fruit): From this fruit’s pattern on the hard, brittle red-brown shell you can guess why it’s named as Snake Fruit! If you crack it you will find white fruit that delivers  juicy, sweet and sour flavours with a citrus-like acidity. Thais normally dip it in a sauce mix of salt and sugar. The small seeds are inedible but can easily be eaten around.  It’s grown on the mainland in Trat – which is really famous for this fruit.


  • La mut (Sapodila): La mut is probably one of those fruits that you won’t find as easily around the streets in Bangkok. With pale brown skin and hairless kiwi look- it tastes  sweet and has soft, slightly gritty flesh. It’s shaped like a large egg and has 3-4 large black seeds inside. It’s one of the sweetest fruits available in Thailand. You can find la mut already peeled, if you are lucky to see it during its peak season of September – December.