Khaosan Road
Major part of life in Bangkok

Khaosan Road

Although we don’t venture into this area on our tours, Khao San Road or Thanon Khao San is a major part of life in Bangkok.  It is one of the hotspots for foreigners and backpackers to visit when they are in Thailand, especially at night. Most people only think of it in this singular view. However, as Khao San Road is located in the old part of the city of Bangkok, it has quite a bit of history.

During the reign of King Rama 5, around 1892, Khao San Road was established, but became more famous as the largest area for trading and bartering rice, its namesake (Khao = rice). The more they traded, then more shops and people came. For a long time, it was a quiet area.  More travelers and traders came in the 80’s and began renting rooms from the local shops and residents. They stayed and filmed the place, which made it become more attractive to a global audience. So, Thais made their changes to accommodate and Khao San road became what we see today.

As we see it today, it’s turned to a place with tons of guesthouses, street food carts, restaurants, pubs/bars, and small shops alongside the road. Khao San is a great place to meet fellow travellers, enjoy a festive environment (and a great Songkran celebration), but moreover, it’s in a stunning part of town near the Grand Palace, Phra Artit Road and Chao Phraya River with a great rich history.  Step out and get to know this old part of Bangkok!