Khanom Krok
Thai Street Food at its Best!

Khanom Krok – Thai Street Food at its Best!

You have heard us go on and on about one of our favorite desserts, Khanom Krok, before, but it is so good, that we can’t stop thinking about it!  



Recently we have found one of our favorite vendors of this lesser-found treat, hidden away on a street in old Bangkok.



Here they not only create some of the tastiest Khanom Krok, but they use truly original methods to do so!  Typically, you will see vendors cooking their treats in a cast iron pan with the signature half-round indentations over a gas fire, but here they use a special clay pan with a charcoal fire below.  It’s so old that you can see the years of experience on its surface.  It is surely why the treats taste so good!



Khanom Krok, a mix of rice flour batter and sweet coconut cream, is slowly cooked in this special pan, covered by small clay lids for a short period of time.  It is cooked long enough to create a crispy shell on the outside and a still soft, gooey coconut center in the middle.



You have not lived until you’ve tried this!  One box may not be enough!