Khanom Khrok:
A Unique Street Treat

Khanom Khrok: A Unique Street Treat

Khanom Khrok, or Thai coconut pancakes or pudding, are a delicious, mouth-watering snack easily found on the streets and markets of every city. These coconut-based pancakes, are a unique mix of sweet and savory flavors. The base for the snack is a batter made of rice flour and coconut milk, flavored perfectly with a bit of salt and sugar.



Khanom Khrok is prepared in a special cast-iron skillet, a large plate with multiple half-round molds placed over a heavy heated base.  It is a unique type of street food which is just as interesting to watch being made as it is to taste!


The batter is poured into the molds and cooked until the outsides are crispy and the insides have begin to solidify but are still the perfect just-beyond-liquid texture in the center. Toppings are added during this cooking process, the most common of which are taro, corn and green onions. The combination of the crispy outside, soft, coconut-milk center and toppings make for a delicious snack whether for breakfast, afternoon snack or tasty dessert after a nice spicy meal on the street!


After they are cooked they are paired up face-to-face to keep warm.  Getting the Khanom Krok fresh off the skillet is a true treat: the edges are still crispy and full of flavor!