July in Thailand:
Why So Much Yellow?

July in Thailand: Why So Much Yellow?

You may wonder, why has everyone in the streets, offices and malls around Thailand are dressed in yellow shirts?  Well, here’s why:

All Thais knows their exact birth day of the week, i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc…. It’s related to Buddhist belief (and based on Hindu mythology) that there is a different God who protects each day, or people who were born on each day of the week. There is also a color associated with each god or day.  


Yellow is the color of Monday, the day on which the King of Thailand, King Rama X, was born (as was his father before him). Therefore, you will see Thais wearing yellow this month due to the King’s birthday falling on 28 July.  They wear it not out of obligation, but respect for the King.

A crowd reacts upon seeing a figure in an upper floor window of Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital, believed to be Thailand's king, on his 87th birthday. Having reigned for 68 years, the beloved and revered Bhumibol Adulyadej is the world's longest currently-serving monarch. This year's birthday celebrations were the largest to date, due to his ailing health and old age. Insulting the monarchy can result in a 3-15 year jail sentence per count.

Coming up next month, on August 12th, will be the Queen’s birthday.  Her color is blue, as she was born on Friday. So, look out for blue shirts being worn closer to that date, as well!