It’s Raining Again:  
5 Reasons To Love the Rainy Season!

It’s Raining Again:  5 Reasons To Love the Rainy Season!

Now we all know that rainy season means more traffic, grey skies and wet shoes, however, there are many upsides to this May – October season in Thailand.  We’d like to take a look at some of the positives of this time of the year, so here are our top 5 Reasons To Love the Rainy Season!


1. The malls are cool and dry. Shopping malls are a perfect, cool and safe amusement destination for all when the rain starts to fall.  You will easily find tons of food options, plenty of shops to explore, or in-house cineplex where you can escape and enjoy a good movie. You can also go bowling in many malls! Inside it’s always cool and dry, so save those shopping trips for this season and enjoy!



2. You have plenty of time to brush up your Thai cooking skills: Rainy season is the time to work on your cooking skills! You can easily prepare and buy all the necessary groceries, meats, sauces  from one of those nice, dry, cool malls mentioned above, invite friends over and have a great time. Another option? Take a cooking class!  There are tons of great cooking class options that will keep you occupied for a half or full day, inside and dry and learning something new!



3. Finally you can get that Thai massage you’ve been waiting for: Thai massage and spa services are everywhere, so getting a nice relaxation period in when it’s raining is super easy. You might even have one in your hotel or neighborhood, making it super easy to get there without getting wet!  Let it rain outside while you relax and let someone else take care of you for awhile.



4. An underwater paradise is waiting: The basement of Siam Paragon has Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium with plenty of sea-creatures and fish to behold! Both adults and your kids will love it.  Step out of the rain outside and enjoy a different kind of water view that won’t leave you soaking wet, just enjoying the view!


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5. Food tours taste great year-round: Food tours in rain-soaked Bangkok? Sounds interesting, right? Well, we know firsthand that it is a great experience!  Our food and culture tours run daily even in the rain. An umbrella or raincoat is all you need and you can still experience the best sights and food the city has to offer.  After all, a little rain never hurt anyone AND the food is so good, it’s worth the wet feet!


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So, just make the most of it!  Put on those flip flops and wade your way to your nearest happy place to enjoy this time of year as best you can!