Alternative Source of Proteins

Insects: Alternative Source of Proteins

Full of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals – yes, all of these benefits can come from different types of insects around us.  Though some of them look extremely scary, many of them are edible and pack quite a nutritious punch!


Thailand is one of those countries where eating insects is common. If you visit a local night market in Bangkok, you might have a chance to seek out the infamous fried bug sellers. They sell fried insects in a customized cart, attached to motorbikes or cycles, so they can cruise around to find customers, where various insect species are kept, including fried frogs! People enjoy eating insects as snacks – a great pairing with Thai beer.


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Some of the most popular insects are:

Jing Leed (Cricket)

Non Pai (Bamboo Insect)

Maeng Da (Giant Water Bug)

Tak Ga Tan (Grasshopper)

Non mai Non (Wood Worm)

Maeng Kee Noon (Beatles) etc.


They are usually fried in a wok, and seasoned with sauce and a bit of Thai pepper powder. They are heavily salted, and eaten as a protein enriched snack. They have been said to taste like nutty shrimp.


Our Village of Love evening tour will often get a chance to stop off and taste these nutrient-packed treats.