Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country. From a Buddhist perspective,  karma is very important. People who follow Buddhist principles believe it is why we are here and why we experience ups and downs in life. Thai people believe that Buddhist monks are the ones that have entered the path to enlightenment and help keep the path alight to commoners.

Our organization is built on such karmic principles as we are not driven solely by profit, rather aiming to build a stronger sense of community with our neighbors and participants. This is why we say that Community is at the heart of our core values and is the pillar to our success. Taste of Thailand Food Tours supports local businesses and the community in which we work.

Further we also believe that making merit is essential to building good karma. While intent essential to karma, it is nothing without action. When Buddhist people make merit, they want it to be as effective as possible. Giving gifts to monks is considered as “purity”. Monks are supposed to live life more strictly than commoners.

Donating is a great way of making merit – like candles which are particularly symbolic as it means you won’t be blind to your next life (candles are considered essential to read in the dark and shine light).  Buddhists consider giving candles as one of the most symbolic things. Food, incense first aid kits, medicines and donations are also all popular donations.

In a city that is full of stray dogs and cats, we also think there is an opportunity to donate. Our signature tour begins near the Sathorn Central Pier where a community of dogs live, cared for by the goodwill and generosity of the people working there as well as the occasional donation of those passing by. This week, on behalf of some of our most caring participants, Taste of Thailand donated 15,000 baht to ensure that these animals can be vaccinated, neutered, spayed and otherwise cared for – for their safety and that of the community.

As such, we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our supporters for making this possible! These furry friends have become indispensable characters in the community and we are committed to making sure that they receive the proper medical attention required. When you take our tour next, we’ll be happy to point out some of these friendly creatures as we take in an iced coffee or curry puffs at one of the food stalls to start the day.

Thank you for helping us feel blessed!

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