Chinatown Food Crawl
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Chinatown Food Crawl: Photo Blog

It’s no wonder that Chinatown Food Crawl is one of our most visited food tour hotspots. This week we came up with an idea to share some cool photos from our Chinatown food tour. Hope you will enjoy these!



China 9Apr17 Thee_๑๗๐๔๑๔_0030Foodies enjoying their evening tour in Yaowrat, Chinatown

China 1162017 Thee_๑๗๐๖๑๒_0056It’s all about the juice! Can you guess what this is?

China 1162017 Thee_๑๗๐๖๑๒_0058Various ingredients to prepare delicious Thai sweets and drinks (kha noms)

Chinatown 070717_๑๗๐๗๑๐_0015Dim sums. Aroi mak!

Chinatown 070717_๑๗๐๗๑๐_0022 Raining? No worries you can still experience the best of the Chinatown tour!

Chinatown 070717_๑๗๐๗๑๐_0023Lod Chong just got a bit more hip and lot sweeter with these two!  

Chinatown 150717_๑๗๐๗๑๗_0019Omelette with oyster. Yes, it’s a real thing! Delicious! 

Chinatown 150717_๑๗๐๗๑๗_0022Thai-Chinese donuts are about to be served!

Chinatown 150717_๑๗๐๗๑๗_0023We love Chinese dim sum. And you? 

Chinatown 10022017_๑๗๐๒๑๕_0019Time to taste the savory street snacks with sweet pandan sauce! 

Chinatown 12072017_๑๗๐๗๑๓_0027I bet there are some secrets to Golden Buddha Temple!

Chinatown 12072017_๑๗๐๗๑๓_0032Bangkok’s #1 Ranked Red Pork and Rice

CNT 932017 Noom_Yo_๑๗๐๓๑๐_0032The legend behind these Chinese pastries is so romantic!

CNT 18062017 Noom_๑๗๐๖๑๙_0007Fork fight!

CNT 18062017 Noom_๑๗๐๖๑๙_0019Just another day in culinary paradise!


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