Biking the “Green Lung”
Bang Kachao

Biking the “Green Lung” Bang Kachao


Are you looking to escape the traffic congested city without getting on a long train or car ride? Well you are in luck, as you will only need to travel a few minutes from the BTS line and take a short boat to find Bangkok’s “Green Lung” or the island of Bang Kachao.

How to get there

Tell your taxi to take you to Wat Khlong Toey Nok which is about 10 minutes away from the Asok BTS stop. Once you get dropped off at the gate walk past through the entrance to the temple and you will find yourself at a small pier on the Chao Phraya River. The fee to cross on a longtail boat is 10 Baht per person or about 30 cents USD. (Note: Wait until you get across the river to rent to a bike.)

Longtail boat across Pier



Getting around

Once you arrive at the pier you can rent a bike for the day for around 2-3 USD. Most people will be riding around on scooters or bikes, but there are some cars that you will come across. There are many local attractions that you can bike to on the island. (Note: There were no bicycle helmets offered by this vendor, but we didn’t check with any other vendors. It is always best to be safe and take your time as the paths are narrow.)


There is a Siamese fighting fish gallery that provides a nice rest stop with a cart that sells coffee, tea, and cold water. Entry to the gallery is free, but there is a donation box if you want to put some money toward fish food. Once you have a refreshing drink and have seen all the different types of fish that are on display you should be ready to hit the road again.


If you happen to come on the weekend you can visit the Bangnamphung floating market which is a good stop for lunch, snacks, or just some light shopping. The market also had a nice live band going on the day we went so you might find yourself wanting to take a break to enjoy the show.


There much more to explore on the island that we didn’t have time to fit in on this visit. If you really don’t want to head back “into the city” you can stay in the treehouse hotel that offers peaceful rooms right on the island. We will definitely be going back to explore even more of this green landscape right in the heart of Bangkok.