Benjakiti Park:
An Oasis in the City

Benjakiti Park: An Oasis in the City

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Every so often, we just need a break from the concrete jungle, traffic and extreme heat along the streets of Bangkok.  However, you need not travel far in order to find an escape. Just a few minute walk from the busy Asok intersection, BTS and MRT lines, is Benjakiti Park.  It may be small by other big city standards, but this little oasis packs a big punch when it comes to value within the big city.

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This beautiful oasis in the middle of busy Bangkok was built to commemorate the 72nd birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. Once owned by a tobacco monopoly, the land was reclaimed and repurposed to contain a small lake, surrounded by running and biking paths.  

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Views from the park showcase the lake, trees and high rises beyond, although you hear very little of the din of the city once inside the park.

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The lake is encircled by a two-part track including walking/running and biking paths.  Bikes are available for rent, as well. You can even join the locals out on the lake in a paddle boat!

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If you are lucky enough to catch them, occasionally there are large events or fireworks over the lake and every year in November, the lake is a great location to catch the Loy Krathong Festival.

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The park is also accessible from the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center MRT station, which is immediately to the south end of the park.