Beat the Summer Heat
In Bangkok

Beat the Summer Heat

April is typically the hottest month in Thailand and all that fun in the sun can leave you tired and thirsty. To quench your thirst try an ice-cold Thai lemon tea, blended smoothies, or a nice cold water. Another great way to cool down is with ice-cream available in different combinations of flavours and toppings. Taste of Thailand recommends trying your local roadside ice cream cart which will give you best value for price paid! You can get it in a cup or cone or even on a bun. The most common flavours are vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry or melon.




You can also order one that is mixed so you can taste all of the flavours! Don’t forget to choose your favourite toppings, with chocolate/vanilla sticks, jellies, peanuts, chocolate syrup, and other types of Thai sweets to choose from. Mix and match to your heart’s content!



Can you guess how much this would cost? The price is just right at 20 baht for the mixed scoops in a cup. Now enjoy the satisfying treat on a steamy hot day and it will help you to stay cool.