In Thailand


What is a tropical country without bananas?  Here in Thailand, banana is not only a fruit but also considered an important element in daily life, diet and culture.


Thailand has a great variety of bananas of different shapes, sizes and colors. Thai people love to eat bananas not only as a healthy snack right out of the peel, but have created a myriad of treats using this versatile staple. You will notice street vendors selling grilled or fried bananas, both delicious and offer unique flavours that are so very different from a simple raw banana!

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There are a number of Thai desserts made with rice and flour, combined with bananas for some really wonderful new flavours never tasted in other parts of the world.


If you love to eat somtum then you must try Tam Gluay (SomTam Banana) which is made with green saba banana. It’s spicy and mix with pla ra (fermented fish sauce). Unlike other somtams, TamGluay has pungent taste. Even banana flowers are edible and used in dishes such as salads or eaten alongside Pad Thai.


Banana plants are even used in Thai marriage ceremonies.  In years gone by, the plants would be nurtured at the bride’s house and when the couple had their first child the plants would be there to provide nutrition for the baby.

Elephants, a national animal of Thailand and also the elephant has had a considerable impact on Thai culture. Elephants also eat bananas.


Banana is an integral part of Thai society! You should really get out there and try them all to see which is your favorite!