Authentic Thai Recipe:
Thai Chicken Sticky Soup with Broccoli

Authentic Thai Recipe:Thai Chicken Sticky Soup with Broccoli


Tasty Thai food Alert! Today we will learn how to cook your own homemade Thai dish. You might have enjoyed another dish that is similar Kao Ob Gai (Thai Chicken in Gravy over Rice). This dish is perfect for when you want to cook something delicious and healthy at home.


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1. Mash celery, prik thai, ginger, and garlic together

2. Add oil in pan and fry.  After that add in the mash and sliced onion


3. When it starts to smell aromatic add in the chicken wings and stir  (and simmer for 10 mins)

4. Add in all the sauces, sugar and small onion and keep stirring (frying for a few minutes)

5. When it’s cooked add water to cover

6. Add potato and tomato together after that


7. When the potatoes are soft (after 20 mins), add the vegetables- broccoli, tomato (and any other vegetables)


8. Meanwhile, in a bowl on the side, mix the cornstarch with water allowing it to thicken and after 10 minutes add the cornstarch mixture to the dish


9. Top with coriander.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.


10. Now for the really tricky part. Enjoy your hard work!