7 Heavenly Snacks to
Buy at Thailand 7-11's

7 Heavenly Snacks to Buy at Thailand 7-11’s


Many visitors will come across a familiar store when adventuring around Thailand, and as you might have guessed we are talking about 7-11. As their international slogan goes many people “Thank Heaven for 7-11”. You will find tourists and Thais alike browsing the shelves and taking a break from the sweltering sun in the cool air-conditioned safety of their local 7-11. There are quite a few exciting and tasty option to choose from here from snacks and drink to full meals. Some of the new ‘fancy’ stores will have their own separate coffee bar with a barista! Today we will introduce some of the most heavenly snacks available at any of the 11,000 stores across Thailand.

Bento Squid Seafood Snack: This sweet and spicy snack is a local favorite and makes a great crunch as take your first bite. If you have ever wanted to try squid and Thai chili spice balanced to make this your first purchase. Perfect to take home to your family or pair it with your favorite drink.


Big Sheet Seaweed (Tao Kae Noi): It’s often called Thailand’s most popular snack. This bag of crispy fried seaweed can be seen eating by kids and adults of all ages.  Seawood is an excellent source of micronutrients including folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and selenium. You mike find it similar to eating a bag of chips that is healthy for you. We love their original flavor, but don’t hesitate to try them all for yourself!


Roasted Cashew Nut: If you have tried Tom Yum soup and just couldn’t get enough of that spicy flavor. We recommend your next snack to try be Roasted Cashew Nut, tom yum flavor, and kaffir lime to really pack in that extra spicy/sour taste. You will find yourself addicted if you are a Tom Yum fan. Just a note for those of you who can’t handle too much spice might want to watch out for the dried chilis!


Dehydrated Durian: Durian is known as the King of Fruits and the season generally is around April-June in Thailand. If you have always wanted to try this royal fruit, but were afraid of the distinct smell a nice alternative is eating the dehydrated version since the smell is non-existent. We like it both ways of course, but the dried version is definitely is the only one we would take on a plane!


Dehydrated Mango: As far as fruits go, Mango is always battling for the top spot. If you are looking to try a mango without the sticky rice and coconut milk check out the neatly packaged dehydrated version (also in the shape of a mango). Aroi mak (delicious)!


Sun Chips Baked Multigrain Snack: Sometimes translated as Sunbites from the Lay’s company. It’s nutritious and comes in many flavors not available outside of Thailand. These chips are enriched with vitamins, minerals and fiber-rich whole grains from corn, wheat, rice, and oat. The even choose to crisp them up by baking rather than deep frying. One of our favorites!


Taro Fish Stips: This popular snack in Thailand goes head to head with rolls of seaweed as the most consumed. Taro fish strips are naturally fat-free and this good source of protein is perfect for sharing when you are on the go. You will see groups of kids open a pack and are immediately swarmed by their friends asking for some of their snacks!