7 Essential Apps
For Traveling

7 Essential Apps For Traveling

To celebrate the occasion of our newest food tasting experience being released on the bitemojo app, here are a few of our favorite apps for travel:

7.) Couchsurfing

Free, iOS and Android, couchsurfing.com


Not just a place to find a spot to crash while on vacation, this service has expanded to also share meetups and activities. When you are traveling and want to make some new friends, couchsurfing is a great way to find people who want to meet up with similar hobbies.

6.) WeatherBug

Free, iOS and Android, hopper.com


When you are travelling and want to know what weather to expect for your trip, this app can help you plan up to ten days in advance. Sure, here in Thailand it’s always hot, but both here and around the world, isn’t it good to just be prepared in case?

5.) Hopper

Free, iOS and Android, hopper.com


Hopper allows you to book flights right on your phone or device and keep you informed of the best time to book. This is what sets it apart from other services.  It can even send you a notification when the price drops for the flight you last searched.

4.) Packpoint

Free, iOS and Android, packpnt.com


This app generates a list of exactly what you need to pack based on the type of trip you plan on taking. Simply tick a few boxes and the app brings up a suggested list of items to bring based on the activities and length of time you will away from home.

3.) Grab

Free, iOS and Android, grab.com


This app is the ‘Uber’ of SouthEast Asia and has replaced and bought out uber in many areas including Thailand. The idea is simple: you use your gps to set a pickup point and destination. You can choose to have a private car or taxi come and they will either charge a flat rate or a small surcharge to the meter fare depending on what flavor you choose.  They even do food delivery now, too:)

2.) Google translate

Free, iOS and Android, translate.google.com

This app is a no brainer to have on your phone when traveling outside your home country. You can even download languages to your phone before you go so if you are having trouble finding wifi you can still get help to get by. Definitely install before leaving home!

1.) Bitemojo (Yes, we are proud to be part of this!)

Free, iOS and Android, bitemojo.com


This app allows you to experience a town as a food lover, by tasting your way through a neighborhood. Launched in over 8 major cities with more on the way we love being able to take the tours at our own pace. The 3-4 hour long walking and tasting tours will take you to the best tasting spots and points of interest in the best neighborhoods.  You can even stop and start up again at another time, if you get too full or if you just simply decide to take your time! Even better, this app is not just for tourists! You can even enjoy a bitemojo tour with friends in your own hometown!

Taste of Thailand is proud to have our first tour live on bitemojo, the Best of Vegan Bangkok tour!  The beta-testing period has begun and we’re even offering a 40% discount for the first 25 testers who give a go! If you are interested, you can sign up here.  

Happy Travels!