Coconut Water
5 Benefits Of Coconut Water

5 Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is the liquid found inside young, green coconuts and is the ultimate thirst quencher, offering a tasty alternative to water, especially in the recent heat and humidity of Bangkok. April and May are the hottest months in Thailand, and it is important to ensure you keep properly hydrated, especially if you are off out exploring this amazing city.

For those fact fiends,

1. Mineral replacement

Coconut water serves as an excellent replacement of minerals that can be lost through dehydration and has 294 mg of potassium and 5 mg of natural sugar per glass, unlike most sports drink that only contains half  the amount and five times the amount of processed sugar. It is the potassium which enhances the body’s ability to hydrate.

2. Fat burning

As well as being an excellent hydrant, coconut water is packed with nutrients and the fat content is really low, allowing you to indulge in large quantities without the fear of putting on weight. Even better for those on diets, it also suppresses the appetite because of its rich nature and increases body metabolism helping fat to burn faster. It is believed that drinking coconut water regularly contributes to health and prevents heart strokes.

3. Electrolytes

People often joke about Bangkok being a city of excess and it is true that sometimes people suffer as a result – whether it was one too many Chang beers over happy hour or over estimating the amount of chillies your body could take in your daily dose of Somtam, coconut water will help to settle your stomach and it will also replace those essential electrolytes that exit the body. The electrolyte balance and plasma content in coconut water has been found to be similar to human blood. This originates from World War II where British and Japanese patients were given coconut water intravenously because saline solution was in short supply.

4. Anti-aging

In addition to internal health benefits, coconut water (and oil) works wonder for the external body as well – it can be used as a spot remedy, hair mask and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully smooth and silky. It has significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic properties which helps to minimise skin aging, balances PH levels and keeps the connective tissue hydrated and strong – sounds good to us! Coconut water can also help fight the frizz – perfect for those who have not been blessed with silky sleek hair and suffer in the fierce Bangkok humidity!

5. The Yum factor!

While we absolutely love coconut water, we know not everyone is a fan like us. For those who prefer a different version, we have to recommend another favourite oh-so-yummy version–coconut ice cream! Although it doesn’t have quite the same benefits, coconut ice cream is the perfect treat in the Bangkok heat and if you find the right vendor at the right time, you will be rewarded with lots of sweet coconut flesh in your serving of ice cream.

Are you a fan of coconut water? What health benefits have you noticed?

When searching for the perfect fresh coconut, avoid those with a hard brown shell as this is an indication that it is mature. Instead, seek those that are young and green on the exterior as they usually contain a large supply of the actual coconut water substance.