Guide Spotlight Interview
Khun Thee

Guide Spotlight Interview: Khun Thee

We would love to introduce our tour guides as professional storytellers!  Why? Because storytelling plays a major role in Taste of Thailand Food Tours. In fact, Thailand is a country with rich historical and cultural heritage. Bangkok is one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Asia but it also has a lot of tourist attractions which are linked to its rich history.

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  1. Why did you decide to become a tour guide?

– It all started as I had experience in the food service industry. I am also a passionate storyteller. I cannot resist sharing the stories of delicious Thai dishes around my beloved hometown of Bangkok!

  1. What makes Taste of Thailand Food Tours unique?

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– We work not only as ordinary tour guides, but also as storytellers. Apart from entertaining our customers with fun and walking, we also share the historical aspects of the Thai foods we eat, the  places we visit and the city. For example, I love to talk about those ubiquitous Bangkok city wires, tons of these cords that hang free throughout the city. They are a great little topic to add to our tours!

  1. What makes you a passionate foodie?

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-I just love this question! I like to taste different kinds of foods! You can call me a real food adventurer! It works as a door to experience life and challenge myself.

  1. What was the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

-I tried Stringray once. It was dried, sweetened and grilled over charcoal. It was dry, chewy and  caramelized with spicy Thai sauces. It tasted good but I will not likely give it a second try!

  1. What are five key characteristics to be an excellent guide?

-Be energetic, kind, knowledgeable, passionate and sensible.

  1. What’s the most rewarding part of being a Taste of Thailand guide?


-Often times it is from witnessing our tour participants’ satisfaction from trying dishes for their very first time, especially the young ones whom, if I daresay, we have shaped their idea of authentic Thai food.
I remembered one time, I had a tour with a family of four members, and the parents were just really into seeing their young ones tried bits and morsels of food as best as they could, be it spicy fish cake or Thai desserts!

  1. Describe Taste of Thailand experience in just three words.

-Exhilarating, memorable and tantalizing

  1. What are three things still left on your bucket list?

-Visiting all the Disney parks/resorts (I am 50% there!), owning a bakery, and earning a scuba license to do night dives.